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Clarinet supplied by Chappell
A simple system clarinet in high pitch (A=452)
No patent C# mechanism.
By the address this cannot have been supplied later than 1901, which is when Chappell moved from 52 New Bond Street. This was probably made by Albert of Brussels - Chappell were the importers for their instruments.
The wooden mouthpiece is stamped Albert 2 - and has original metal ligature and wooden cap
In a wooden (mahogany) lockable box.
Serviced, pads and corks good, plays ok.
A modern mouthpiece and longer barrel brings the overall pitch down to A=440, although I make no guarantees about the intonation if this is done!

Wooden 1920s French Bb LP
I have never seen another one
Repadded in leather, plays well

If anyone knows any more about this maker, please let me know

Nestor Croes

Son (or possibly nephew) of Alphonse Croes of Brussels
Wooden, p
robably manufactured in the 30s, LP
Repadded in leather, plays well
Makers number T17

If anyone knows any more about this maker, please let me know

Foeslich Freres "Sonora" Alto Sax
Made in Lausanne

Maker not known to me, and I can't find anything on the internet
Silver plated, mother of pearl key inserts
Soft soldered toneholes, in low pitch
Likely to be from the 20s - but I may be wrong by a decade either way!
Repadded, currently has no case

"Selmer Sterling Make"

Wooden clarinet which may well not be by Selmer - the logo is not one that is listed for them
Marked "Made in France"
Repadded in skin, plays well
In the (probably) original case, which has seen better days - but the catches work ok

Serial number is W3326 (under the keywork), which if it is a Selmer dates it to 1970 - but I have my doubts..