There are two types of repair ...

The "fix it so that it plays" repair
This would typically be a pad or spring gone on any instrument, or perhaps a loose flute tenon or single clarinet tenon cork failure.
I would attempt to fix these as soon as possible - assuming I have the relevant parts to hand.
Pricing for these one-off repairs will depend on the nature of the repair, but typically would be 5 for a pad or spring, although there is a minimum charge of 10.

The planned repair
This might be a full or short service, repadding, recorking or complete overhaul.
By their nature, these repairs take longer, and unless there is great urgency, will be carried out on a first in first out basis.

It is difficult to give a sensible estimate for any work without seeing the instrument, and even then, problems may arise which are not immediately apparent. If this will cause an increase in the estimated price for the job, agreement will be sought before proceeding.

The following definitions give an idea of the different levels of maintenance, with corresponding costs

Check and adjust
Check for airtightness, regulation, ring key height

Strip instrument, oil body for wooden instruments, replace pads and springs as required (up to 2 in total included in standard price), replace touch corks as required, reassemble checking pad seating and regulation.
Polishing/cleaning of brightwork will be charged as an extra - to keep the basic service cost down.

As service but replace all pads.

Replace all pads, springs (if required) and tenon corks, then as for service.

Guide prices are listed here
Owing to material price rises over the last 5 years, I have regrettably had to increase my prices by 5-10%
The prices are for guidance only - the actual cost will vary dependent on the condition of the instrument - in all cases the most economical work will be suggested

For any other woodwind instruments, please contact me for an estimate.