All secondhand instruments carry a 6 month guarantee

Also a selection of bargain flutes ex-Staffordshire music service - from 95

Thoman FL200C
Entry level student flute
Offset G, split E, silver plated
With straight and curved heads

Serviced, in good condition case
Serial number 67951306
Gemeinhardt 3
Student level open hole flute
Inline G, not split E
Repadded, in good condition case
Serial number 428576
Yamaha YFL21S
Student level flute - earlier version of YFL211S
Offset G, split E
Serviced, in new Gator case
Serial number 057614
Yamaha YFL211S
Offset G, split E, repadded
Some marks and wear from use
Case in fair condition
Serial number 037486
Evette and Schaeffer alto flute
This is an alternate branding but made by Buffet and Crampon - no idea of date
Not split E, silver plated with noticeable wear, some speckling, repadded
Probably original double case
Serial number 101
Until this is sold it is available for hire
Contact me for details


Cheap Flutes - Engraved with "Staffs CC"

Buffet model 228E
Offset G, split E, silver plated
Serviced, some marks and wear to plating
Fair condition cases
3 available